Spanish Lab; grades 2-3

Mauri Richmond

¡BIENVENIDOS! In Spanish Laboratory, we develop our Spanish-speaking fluency using a combination of listening, reading, writing, and speaking practices. Our goal is to provide comprehensible input and reinforce Spanish linguistic patterns to give our brains the tools to map and acquire Spanish subconsciously — the same way we learned a language the first time (English)! These methods will include scripture memorizations, task-based goals, engaging activities, and creative storytelling. We will also be enriching our knowledge and love of Spanish-speaking peoples and customs through cultural experiences.

Course Details

  • Unit 1 — La familia
  • Unit 2 — La familia de galletas/La comia
  • Unit 3 — Chocolate
  • Unit 4 — Gatos, gatos
  • Unit 5 — Los tres osos
  • Unit 6 — Cuentos

The Spanish text is online.