Sixth Grade Choir

The 6th Grade choir course is an exciting exploration of choral music designed to inspire a passion for singing, teamwork, and self-expression. Students will embark on a musical journey, developing vocal skills, learning diverse repertoire, and cultivating a sense of community through regular rehearsals and performances.

The course includes two annual concerts and a devotional performance, providing opportunities for students to showcase their talents and celebrate the joy of making music together.

Course Details

Sixth Grade Choir

Course Goals and Objectives:

1. **Vocal Technique and Development:**
   – Focus on building and refining vocal techniques, including breath control, pitch accuracy, tone production, and vocal range.
   – Provide exercises and activities to enhance individual and ensemble singing skills.

2. **Choral Repertoire Exploration:**
   – Explore a diverse selection of choral repertoire, spanning various musical styles, genres, and cultures.
   – Develop an understanding of the historical, sacred, and emotional context of selected pieces.

3. **Ensemble Building and Teamwork:**
   – Foster a sense of ensemble and teamwork through collaborative singing, listening, and blending of voices.
   – Cultivate a supportive musical community that encourages individual growth within the group.

4. **Performance Preparation:**
   – Prepare for and participate in two choir concerts per academic year, showcasing a variety of repertoire.
   – Engage in a devotional performance, offering a unique opportunity for musical expression within a reflective and spiritual context.

5. **Stage Presence and Communication:**
   – Develop stage presence, communication skills, and the ability to connect with an audience during performances.
   – Emphasize the importance of conveying emotions and stories through vocal expression.

6. **Devotional Performance:**
   – Collaborate on a devotional performance, incorporating sacred or spiritual music to provide a meaningful and reflective experience.
   – Encourage students to explore the spiritual, sacred, and emotional aspects of music.

7. **Music Literacy and Theory:**
   – Introduce fundamental music theory concepts, such as notation, rhythm, dynamics, and sight-singing.
   – Develop basic music literacy skills to enhance overall musical understanding.

8. **Individual and Group Assessments:**
   – Conduct individual and group assessments to evaluate vocal progress, musicianship skills, and overall performance abilities.

9. **Lifelong Love for Music:**
    – Instill a lifelong love for singing and music by providing a positive and enriching musical experience.

Assessment and Grading:
– Assessment methods may include individual vocal assessments, written exams, ensemble performances, participation in rehearsals, and attendance at concerts and events. Additionally, students will be evaluated on their preparation and performance in the two annual choir concerts and the devotional performance. The focus will be on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures both musical and personal growth.

Mrs. Katy Francom

Katy Francom graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Master of Music Education. Prior to this she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. She has completed three levels of Kodály certification through Intermuse Academy at BYU. In addition to three years of teaching elementary music in Loveland, Colorado, she has 25 years of experience teaching private piano and voice lessons, and she has been the director of seven ward choirs! Katy has four amazing grown children and a wonderful extended family. She loves to read, garden, hike, and sing at the piano.