Fifth Grade Music

Our 5th Grade music course employs the Kodály philosophy, an innovative and child-centered approach to music education that emphasizes singing, movement, and musical games.

Rooted in the belief that every child is inherently musical, this course aims to nurture a love for music and develop fundamental musicianship skills through active and engaging experiences.

Students will explore the rich world of music using the Kodály method, fostering a deep understanding of musical concepts, building a strong foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the art, and expanding their musical experiences through two choir performances per year and the introduction of recorder playing.

Course Details

Fifth Grade Music

Course Goals and Objectives:

Singing and Vocal Development:

Cultivate the joy of singing through a repertoire of folk songs, canons, and simple melodies.
Develop vocal technique, including pitch accuracy, tone production, and breath control.

Kodály Methodology:

Introduce the principles of the Kodály philosophy, emphasizing sequential learning, aural training, and the integration of movement in musical activities.
Explore the use of sol-fa syllables (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) as a tool for developing pitch awareness.

Folk Music Exploration:

Dive into the world of folk music from various cultures, connecting with the rich heritage of songs passed down through generations.
Use folk songs as a basis for musical exploration, including rhythm, melody, and expressive elements.

Rhythmic Training and Movement:

Develop rhythmic awareness through interactive games, body percussion, and movement activities.
Use movement as a means of internalizing musical concepts and fostering a kinesthetic connection to rhythm.

Music Literacy and Notation:

Introduce basic music notation, including simple rhythms and melodic patterns.
Build foundational music literacy skills through the gradual introduction of musical symbols and terminology.

Creative Expression:

Encourage creativity through improvisation, composition, and group activities.
Provide opportunities for students to express themselves musically within the framework of the Kodály philosophy.

Listening Skills:

Develop active listening skills through exposure to a variety of musical styles, genres, and historical periods.
Discuss and reflect on the emotional and cultural aspects of the music studied.

Technology in Music Education:

Integrate technology into the learning process, using digital tools to reinforce musical concepts and provide interactive learning experiences.

Ensemble Singing:

Foster a sense of community through ensemble singing, encouraging collaboration and teamwork.
Prepare for and participate in two choir performances per academic year, showcasing a variety of repertoire.

Recorder Playing:

Introduce recorder playing as a means of developing basic instrumental skills.
Learn to read simple melodies and play in ensemble settings.

Lifelong Love for Music:

Instill a lifelong love for music by creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that celebrates each student’s musical journey.
Assessment and Grading:

Assessment methods may include participation in singing and movement activities, individual and group performances, written reflections, creative projects, and recorder playing assessments. Emphasis will be placed on the application of Kodály principles, musical growth, and the development of a strong musical foundation, including both vocal and instrumental elements.

Mrs. Katy Francom

Katy Francom graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Master of Music Education. Prior to this she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. She has completed three levels of Kodály certification through Intermuse Academy at BYU. In addition to three years of teaching elementary music in Loveland, Colorado, she has 25 years of experience teaching private piano and voice lessons, and she has been the director of seven ward choirs! Katy has four amazing grown children and a wonderful extended family. She loves to read, garden, hike, and sing at the piano.