Matt Robins

Science Teacher

Matt is the youngest of 5 siblings and the “favorite uncle” of 13 nieces and nephews. He earned his Eagle Scout and Duty to God awards, graduated from Lone Peak High School and seminary, and served a mission in Fresno, California. Matt earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science & Outdoor Recreation from Utah Valley University and worked over 12 years in the healthcare and fitness industry in personal training, strength and conditioning, sports medicine, physical therapy, wound care, emergency room, and home health and hospice. Matt decided to switch into teaching and has taught in elementary, junior high, and high school. He earned his Masters of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Science Biology from Western Governors University. Matt likes to exercise, hike, go to the beach, travel, play the piano and the organ, and compose and arrange music. Matt is super excited to be part of the American Heritage team and to help students build and center their education on Jesus Christ. 

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