You can expect your children to experience transformational learning at American Heritage School. How?

Transformation begins when students seek to learn true principles. Principles are statements of truth that guide our behavior. Principles inspire action. Furthermore, students are taught by warm and intelligent teachers who both know and demonstrate correct principles, and show students by example and demonstration how to apply correct principles.

Transformation continues when students act on what they learn. A deeper level of learning is attained as students put their knowledge to action and strive to improve themselves and other around them.

Students learn even more as they share what they learned with others.

Personal reflection and feedback from parents and teachers solidify the transformational process as students continue to ask questions and extend their learning.

What is the outcome? Students who become:

  • dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ who are
  • full of faith, hope, and charity and who
  • strive personally and with others to realize divine potential as children of God.