Course Description

Pre-requisite: Algebra 1

Saxon Algebra 2 offers a substantial review of all topics in Algebra I and then moves on to cover the following topics at an advanced level:

  • solving and graphing of linear and quadratic equations,
  • factoring,
  • a variety of types of word problems,
  • solving quadratic equations by completing the square,
  • solving simultaneous equations with fractions and decimals,
  • complex roots of quadratic equations,
  • solving systems of nonlinear equations,
  • graphing and solving a system of inequalities,
  • exponential equations, as well as a review of key geometry,
  • probability, and
  • statistics topics.

Time is spent developing geometric concepts and writing proof outlines.

Students completing the Algebra 2 curriculum will have studied the equivalent of one semester of informal geometry.

Course Details

Algebra 2

Eight Grade
Ninth Grade

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Syllabus for upcoming year coming soon. 

Algebra 2 – An Incremental Approach, 3rd Edition. Saxon, 2003