AHS measures, monitors, and adjusts its professional practice.

We develop family-school-relationships and personal learning programs with care and responsiveness so that:

Families enroll and re-enroll because they feel known, loved, cared for as members of the school community. They learn something new and remarkable each day.

The children make continual improvement on key “AHS Become Objectives and Academic Measures.” Parents are made aware of their children’s strengths and weaknesses, and feel involved and supported in their children’s learning.

Children and teachers ask meaningful questions, which leads to engaging discussions, inquiry, and investigation. Class time almost always involves essential questions and interesting conversations. 

Parents help tutor their children at home.

Families donate time and money to the school because they want to magnify the influence of the school for their children, grandchildren, and neighbors.

Families in the community share goodness and teach one another.

Graduates are admitted to their preferred universities and earn scholarships.

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