Each day AHS students observe and notice what is interesting to them. Then they ask meaningful questions to seek understanding through first-hand observation; questions and discussion among peers, teachers, and mentors; and reading and dissecting the written ideas of experts.

AHS students thrive through noticing, inquiring, seeking, reading, reasoning, relating, and evaluating the truthfulness and usefulness of what they seek, discuss, read, and learn!

In this process, AHS students learn to love reading! They enjoy reading daily, imaginatively, and fluently from good sources—some of their own choosing and others of their teacher’s choosing—and all this reading becomes a foundation for life-long learning.

During daily student-choice reading, students practice what good readers and thinkers do: preview the material, make predictions, create mental images, clarify understanding, make connections, revise predictions, draw inferences, and consider “Therefore, what?” They share what they read among peers and teachers, and they discuss the most interesting and insightful ideas.

During daily teacher-choice reading, students read inspiring, delightful, time-tested stories, poems, essays, or other genres!  Wrapped in wonderfully engaging discussions, the students and teacher mine and discover principles from great sources and relate these principles to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the world around them, and to themselves and their desires to do good!