Timelines are a universal teaching tool. In each classroom at American Heritage School you will find one or more timelines. Each  will look a little different and will highlight different aspects of history, but all begin with the Pre-Mortal Life and end with the Second Coming of Christ. 

This visual tool is scalable, so teachers can choose to focus in on a particular part of the timeline. For example, a separate timeline may show the important dates leading up to the founding of the United States in history class. Another may show the scientific advance of the 20th century in the science and technology classes. 

Timelines help students by organizing the subject matter in a way that allows them  to connect significant events in history, science, literature, and the gospel. They learn to see how events in one part of the world impact changes in another or how scientific discoveries effect cultural changes around the globe. They can then begin to understand that everything is connected and that subjects need not be compartmentalized.