School uniforms are required at American Heritage School as they are at many private, faith-based, and charter schools across the country.

Uniforms and related dress codes simplify life by decreasing distractions. Uniforms tend to increase unity, modesty, and neatness, which is expected of AHS students.

Uniforms are to be worn as intended. Students are expected to abide by school grooming and dress standards for boys and girls.

Private schools, faith-based schools and often charter schools implement uniform policies because it simplifies school and home and cuts down on distractions and dress code issues. American Heritage also feels uniforms increase school unity, modesty and neatness which is expected of our students. As a private, faith-based school boys are expected to abide by our grooming and dress standards for boys. Girls are expected to abide by the dress and grooming standards set forth for girls.

If you have questions about how to obtain a uniform or appropriate use of uniforms, please ask our office or administration. We are always happy to help!