In grades K–8, children study study the vocabulary, skills, tools, and methods of science to discover and describe natural law. When students understand that blessings depend on truth and obedience to law, they desire to learn and obey law. AHS scholars study:

  • Earth Science

    including astronomy, meteorology, geology, water cycles, carbon cycles, phosphorus cycles, nitrogen cycles, ecology, and biomes, so they become prepared for advanced study in high school and college, which creates pathways to careers in civil engineering, environmental engineering and stewardship, natural resource mining, geographic information systems, and more;

  • Biology

    including botany, anatomy, zoology, microbiology, cellular division, DNA, so children become prepared for advanced study in high school and college, which opens opportunities for careers in laboratory research, bio-conservation, agricultural science, food science, nutrition, the medical professions, and more;

  • Chemistry

    including atoms, periodic table of the elements, molecules, stoichiometry, acids, bases, applications of inorganic and organic chemistry, so children are ready for advanced study in high school and college to pursue careers in laboratory research, material science, manufacturing engineering, petroleum engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, the medical professions, and more;

  • Physics and Electricity

    including forces, light / color, magnetism, particle-wave duality, electromagnetic spectrum, electricity and electrical diagrams, so children understand the basic phenomena in the world around them and are prepared to excel in studies of mechanical and electrical engineering, aviation, aerospace studies, manufacturing engineering, optics, signaling and signal processing and various trades, such electrical work, electronics engineering and repair, HVAC, and more; and 

  • Computer Science, IT, and Robotics

    including MS Office programs and visual and text-based programming, so that children develop logical thinking and understand program language functions and syntax, so they are prepared to thrive in studies of computer science, IT and engineering and pursue careers in coding and programming, software development, web-development, artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, business technology, project management, and data science.bel