At American Heritage School, children become strong readers and writers.

Your children will read timeless stories and discuss unchanging principles from the best books, including fine literature and scripture.

They will learn to write with readable, even beautiful, penmanship. Your children will craft clear, graceful sentences with standard punctuation, spelling, and formatting. They will learn to form cohesive paragraphs and various longer prose genres.  AHS students become persuasive, elegant writers to effectively share the things of their souls (2 Nephi 4:15).

Students share their writing with parents, teachers, and peers to improve their thinking, reasoning, relating, and writing skills. Parents are encouraged to assist their children in their writing.

Students reason principles from their research and discussion. They record what they learn.

Regarding Grammar…

AHS students learn the parts of speech and the most common sentence structures. They learn to combine or divide sentences to improve clarity and grace. They learn to express themselves succinctly.

Additionally, AHS students study great sentences, and they diagram and imitate them. As they study grammar, students increase their ability to understand important documents, which is an important skill for various professions.

Students will utilize their understanding of grammar when writing for future classes, in their careers, and for personal reasons.