What is Experiential Learning?

American Heritage School’s Experiential Learning serves as an intensive implementation of the 4R-ing methodology, with the purpose of bridging academic experiences and exploration of real world applications—all in harmony with American Heritage School’s mission statement.  Experiential Learning courses may include classes at school, educational field trips and/or guest presenters. Experiential Learning enables students to engage in rigorous learning experiences—to study one subject in depth.

High School


High School Experiential Learning is a five-day course of study devoted to a single subject offered by American Heritage School. During Experiential Learning, regular classes in grades 9–12 are suspended and replaced with project-based and place-based learning experiences in academic fields of interest to AHS students, under the mentorship of experienced AHS instructors, professionals, guest presenters, and practitioners. The week consists of a focused, single-course format and allows the school to take advantage of community resources, to be responsive to student needs and interests, and to experience a variety of places and styles of learning.


Externships are short programs that give you an inside view of what it’s like to work in a specific professional role at a company — without necessarily having to do entry-level work for the company as you might in an internship. Externships can be done in a variety of fields including law/policy, financial services, sales, medical, and various trade industries. They typically involve observation and assisting with tasks, but would not involve receiving a delegation of significant, long-term responsibilities.

Volunteer an Externship Opportunity

If you would be interested in offering an externship through your company, or speaking to our students as a guest lecturer, please click the link below to complete our volunteer application. 

Volunteers are also needed to teach courses. If you have knowledge and/or skills outside of your employment that you are willing and able to share with our students please complete the application as well. 

If you are not able to offer opportunities or courses at this time, but have ideas for future experiential learning courses that you would like to see offered, please click the link to complete our student interest survey. 

To get an idea of the types of courses we have offered in the past, please view our 2023 catalog by following the link below.

Middle School

Click the images below to view the ’22–23 Experiential Learning Catalog for 6–8. 

Elementary School

Click the images below to view the ’22–23 Experiential Learning Catalog for K–5.