Our Global Staff

American Heritage Downtown Salt Lake Campus is delighted to have a faculty and staff from all around the world. Our assistant principal joins us from London and also teaches our ninth grade history and English classes. Our physical education teacher is from Brazil and students love learning the strategy and skills of futsal and soccer from him! Our Chinese teacher hails from Taiwan and enriches the Chinese classes with her personal life experience. Click the photos below to learn more about our great faculty.

Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Moray, Christine

Christine Moray

Kindergarten Teacher
Smith, Keisha

Keisha Smith

First Grade Teacher
Fenn, Sara

Sara Fenn

Second Grade Teacher
Lee, Lakyn

Lakyn Lee

Frampton, Kristie

Kristie Frampton

Fourth Grade Teacher
Cornell, Jared

Jared Cornell

Gilmore, Mary

Mary Gilmore

Sixth Grade Teacher
Farrell, Paul

Paul Farrell

Seventh & Ninth Grade Teacher
King, Tracy

Tracy King

Murdock, Michael

Dr. Michael Murdock

Tenth & Eleventh Grade, High School History, English, Economics, and International Relations

Specialty Teachers

Lopes, Thiago

Thiago Lopes

Athletic Director and PE Teacher
Holzer, Tayson

Tayson Holzer

Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics
Mayfield, Micole

Micole Mayfield

Drama/Lit/History Teacher
Nielson, Susan

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson

Etiquette & Social Dance Teacher
Shurtz, Jennifer

Jennifer Shurtz

Family Life Sciences
Robinson, Amy

Amy Robinson

Folk Dance Teacher
Gott, Erich

Erich Gott

High School Math
Fifield, Lisa

Lisa Fifield

Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Eliason, Mirabela

Mirabela Eliason

Math Teacher
Francom, Katy

Katy Francom

Music Teacher & Children's Choir Director
Richmond, Maury

Mauri Richmond

Spanish Teacher

Teacher's Aides

Anderson, Marilyn

Marilyn Anderson

Teacher's Aide
Mudgett, Stacey

Stacey Mudgett

Teacher's Aide
Murillo, Sylvia

Sylvia Murillo

Teacher's Aide
Uipi, Kaci

Kaci Uipi

Teacher's Aide & Choir Assistant
Wilkinson, Tehani

Tehani Wilkinson

Teacher's Aide

Administration Staff


Grant Beckwith

Trustee, Head of School, Advisory Board Member
McNiven, Caroline

Caroline McNiven


Kristen Jansen

Admissions Director
Costa, Sarah

Sarah Costa

Finance/HR Manager and Business/Finance Teacher
Ten Eyck, Lindsey

Lindsey Ten Eyck

Front Office Manager & School Nurse
Thorn, Justine

Justine Thorn

Admissions Manager
Larsen, Nichole

Nichole Larsen

Facilities Manager
Costa, Ricardo S

Ricardo Costa

Registrar & Database Manager
Crookston, Lisa

Lisa Crookston

Administrative Assistant & Librarian

American Heritage School’s Salt Lake City campus is still has a few openings for faculty and staff for the 2023–2024 school year.

We invite highly qualified teachers and professionals who love children and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to apply for positions for which they feel qualified. 

Click the button above to see the list of openings and to fill out an application. We look forward to welcoming you into the American Heritage family.