McNiven, Caroline

Caroline McNiven


Caroline is a Londoner born and raised with Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and South African heritage which has influenced her love of learning about different cultures, History, Geography, and Religion. She has taught in middle and high school for over 10 years and enjoys teaching about the interrelationships between these subjects.

Caroline loves the magic that happens in the classroom when both teacher and student work together to understand truths and loves seeing the pure joy on students’ faces when they have that light bulb moment or share their passions, dreams, and successes. She has been a Head of Year for the last 7 years nurturing students beyond their academic capabilities and encouraging them to live by one of her life mottos “Aspire beyond your fears”.

Outside the classroom, Caroline enjoys spending time with family and friends and has started to get into family history. She loves to go to the theatre in the West End, as well as read, hike, and cycle. She is also a keen traveler! She shared, “I always say yes to travel opportunities that have led me on some breath-taking adventures such as hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, climbing over a volcano in Iceland, and personally driving a rickshaw across India. Throughout all of my travels, it is clear to see that everything has an eternal purpose, that God is an artist, and what an amazing world we live in and get to share/learn about together!” Caroline is excited to be on this wonderful learning journey with the students at AHS.

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