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Character Values

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What are people saying about AHS?

Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson


My children love this school! I have an 11th grade boy and a 9th grade girl. They were in public school until the 8th and 10th grade. I was not happy with what was being taught in the public school, so I pulled them out. They thank me still, for putting them in this school, and considering their age that speaks volumes to me. I love this school.

Lindy Taylor

Lindy Taylor


Three of my four children have spent time in this school, and all of them have loved it. They still teach cursive and the classics and traditional math (!) with actual text books that you don’t have to read a thousand times and finally discover they aren’t trying to tell you how to do it, but how to figure it out- and you may never know if you actually figured it out. (Can you tell I’ve had it with the “new” math programs that have infiltrated our educational system?) Even if you can only afford a year here and there, as with 2 of my kids, that year can make a HUGE difference in their lives! The school is so much more than good methodology. They teach with power and with discernment and with the Spirit of the Lord. If you want a very clear cut and pure (as pure as humans can attain) educational experience that is traditional and thorough and teaches the kids to reach a little higher, this is the right choice for you.

Shalae Brown

Sandra Bencich Mantz

Wonderful learning environment that also teaches strong Christian values

Ashleigh Hansen

Ashleigh Hansen


I have two children attending, and soon a third. It far surpasses my expectations on- what is and how it is taught, is amazing. There is a safety and love felt in the halls of this school that can’t be described.

Heather Stone

Holly Welch


This school changed my life! I am so grateful for what I was taught and the friendships I formed.

Gregg Cowley

Gloria Carcia


It’s fantastic this school!! Thank you so much for everything and thank teachers for giving me and I help me every time! Already; thank you! I was very happy!!!

steven espinoza

Steven Espinoza

American Heritage School is an organization that lives and breathes their Mission Statement. From the Chairman of the Board to the smallest Kindergarten student, all are expected (and do) live by that document! If you get the chance, stop in for a tour or attend an event. You will leave a better person than you were before after doing so!


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