Become a historian! Use “On This Day in History” lessons to get started. Each mini-lesson includes historical information and a related gospel principle. Give it a try!

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09/01/23   Deseret Industries Opens

09/02/23   Japan Surrenders to End WWII

09/03/23   727-Pound Alligator

09/04/23   Labor Day

09/05/23   First Daily Seminary Class

09/06/23   The Mayflower Sails for America

09/07/23   Grandma Moses

09/08/23   David O. McKay

09/09/23   President Russell M. Nelson

09/10/23   Battle of Nauvoo

09/11/23   Patriot Day: Remembering 9/11

09/12/23   Henry Hudson and the Northwest Passage

09/13/23   National Uncle Sam Day

09/14/23   Francis S. Key Star Spangled Banner

09/15/23   Santiago Chile Temple

09/16/23   National Play-Doh Day

09/17/23   U.S. Constitution Day

09/18/23   Apostles Leave for Missions in Great Britain

09/19/23   George Washington’s Farewell Address

09/20/23   Fisher Ames, Forgotten Founding Father

09/21/23   The Angel Moroni Visits Joseph Smith

09/22/23   The Life and Death of Nathan Hale

09/23/23   John Paul Jones: Father of the American Navy

09/24/23   National Punctuation Day

09/25/23   The Bill of Rights

09/26/23   Johnny Appleseed Day

09/27/23   Sam Adams, Patriot

09/28/23   Louis Pasteur

09/29/23  King James Version of the Bible

09/30/23   Invitation to General Conference


10/01/23   First Major League Baseball World Series  

10/02/23   Thurgood Marshall, First Black Supreme Court Justice 

10/03/23   Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer

10/04/23   Call to Rescue the Handcart Companies 

10/05/23   History of the Ball Point Pen 

10/06/23   National Noodle Day  

10/07/23   Henry Ford’s Moving Assembly Line

10/08/23   Fire Prevention Week and the Great Chicago Fire

10/09/23   Columbus Day

10/10/23   Hoover Dam Hydroelectric Project

10/11/23   Nathan Eldon Tanner

10/12/23   Bruce R. McConkie

10/13/23   United States Navy Established

10/14/23   National Dessert Day

10/15/23   Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

10/16/23   Noah Webster, An American Dictionary

10/17/23   The Monroe Doctrine

10/18/23   National Alaska Day

10/19/23   British Surrender at Yorktown

10/20/23   Louisiana Purchase and Westward Expansion

10/21/23   Thomas Edison Day

10/22/23   National Nut Day

10/23/23   Brigham Young University Founded

10/24/23   Orson Hyde Dedicates the Holy Land

10/25/23   The Letters of Abigail and John Adams

10/26/23   National Pumpkin Day

10/27/23   The Federalist Papers

10/28/23   National Geographic Magazine

10/29/23   Quilting and Harriet Powers 

10/30/23   National Candy Corn Day

10/31/23   Halloween