Like an old-time operator at a switch board who connects two people by phone, students connect stories and ideas to each other and to their lives each day. The more meaningful the story, analogy, or parable, the more relevant, useful, and memorable the connections a student can make. At AHS, students make connections to analogies, object lessons, and comparable topics every day!

Consider this example:

Britain implemented RADAR for defense purposes during WWII by utilizing towers on the east cost of the island to detect when German enemy warplanes approached. With advanced knowledge, they could respond in time.

By trusting RADAR, Britain had an edge in detecting and fending off enemy attacks.

Radar towers on the east coast of Britain allowed early detection of enemy planes, which meant the Royal Air Force (RAF) had time to respond, “scramble” the enemies, and prevail in the Battle of Britain! Click the picture to learn more. 

In contrast, at the Opana RADAR station in Oahu, Hawaii, operators detected incoming planes on December 7, 1941, but the signals were disregarded or misread by a supervisor, and as a result, many ships were destroyed and thousands of men died in Pearl Harbor defenselessly surprised by the enemy.

How does this comparison relate to me? What does it mean to me? To my life? 

Like radar towers, prophets can see what is difficult or impossible for most of us to detect. When we ignore or take lightly their counsel, let us not be surprised by the problems that may follow. I want to follow the prophets!