Dear Friends,

American Heritage is a solution for families who want to prepare their children for LIFE, not just for college. As a fully accredited, private, K-12 school with over 50-years of experience, American Heritage has a stellar record of graduating students to outstanding universities across the nation. Our high school students consistently achieve nearly 100% high school graduation and college admission rates, many on scholarship, including average standardized test scores and AP pass rates that significantly outperform state and national averages.

We produce these results by carefully hiring strong, committed, and experienced educators and staff. Our curriculum is college-preparatory in its rigor, but also adaptable to each student’s unique circumstances. We balance academic achievement with a full complement of enrichment opportunities strongly supported by our parent community. In addition to the foundational reading, writing, history/geography, and STEM courses, your students will also enjoy competitive athletic programs, our Lyceum Orchestras and Heritage Youth Choirs (world-class music programs with ensembles for all levels), as well as dance, arts, robotics, digital sciences, and remarkable service opportunities.

But what makes American Heritage an irreplaceable partner with your family is something far more than academics, and is rooted in our mission to help parents develop their children spiritually. Strong academics are thoughtfully integrated with faith and character development. A careful study of ancient and modern scripture adds perspective to the words of historians, great authors, and events of our time. Academic achievement is strengthened by clear expectations of honor, personal character, kindness, and discipline. We study the world and its beautiful diversity, while also acknowledging the special role that America and its founding continue to have in that world.

Today more than ever it is essential that our children “put their whole armor on.” Ultimately, our curriculum and methods produce critical and creative thinkers who are also devoted to faith, family, and timeless principles for thriving homes, communities, and nations.

This is the essence of American Heritage School’s mission: Prepare our students intellectually and spiritually to face a changing world.

Thanks for joining us in Salt Lake City!

Grant Beckwith

Head of School

(Grant Beckwith has served as Head of School since 2005. He oversees American Heritage School’s campuses in American Fork and Salt Lake City, as well as the school’s global online program, American Heritage School Worldwide. Grant is a former attorney with Nixon Peabody LLC in Washington, D.C. Mr. Beckwith holds a law degree and also Masters and Bachelors degrees in Accountancy and Information Systems, all from Brigham Young University.)