Nielson, Susan

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson

Etiquette & Social Dance Teacher

Although Elizabeth’s degrees are in Communications and Instructional Psychology & Technology, her favorite hobby/sport has always been ballroom dancing. She began dancing and teaching with her father and mother over 35 years ago. She finds great joy in dancing, but also loves the technical details that allow dancers to truly embrace freedom of expression through dance. Elizabeth believes that social dance is a perfect vehicle for developing confidence, improving relationships with others, enhancing social skills, while learning a healthy life skill—all in a fun and wholesome environment. Additionally, Elizabeth:

  • Toured with the BYU Ballroom Dance Company for five years to over 25 countries;
  • Competed both nationally and internationally as an amateur and as a member of the BYU Standard Formation Team
  • Judges local ballroom competitions;
  • Earned High Honors Medalist in Gold Bar Latin, Gold Bar Standard, and American Styles;
  • Is a former faculty member at BYU Department of Dance;
  • Directed the BYU Back-up Performance Team;
  • Was a student dance instructor at BYU for over 8 years;
  • Directed national championship junior formation standard and Latin teams;
  • Currently teaches elementary, junior high, and high school students in private and group settings; and
  • Has been a choreographer of numerous team and individual performance numbers for BYU performance teams, church groups, and schools.

Most of all, she loves the gospel of Jesus Christ; teaching and living principles of truth, righteousness, and freedom; and being a wife and mother.

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