Volunteer to Assist with Experiential Learning

You may have expertise to share with AHS students. We invite you to consider how you can participate in experiential learning! Hours spent volunteering for experiential learning are counted toward the 30 required service hours per family each year.

View the ’22–23 experiential learning catalogs for high school (9–12)middle school (6–8), and elementary school (K–5).

2023–2024 experiential learning days are as follows: 

  • Grades 9–12: March 4–8, 2024
  • Grades 6–8: March 27–29, 2024
  • Grades K–5: April 25, 2024
You are invited to complete a brief survey below. AHS administration chooses volunteers based on expertise, student interest, the number of volunteers, and other background factors. Estimated survey completion time is 5 minutes.
Please briefly describe the topics which you would like to present to the students. How would the information be taught (hands-on activity, lecture, tour) and how many hours would be required?
Please briefly describe the Externship opportunity that you would be able to provide. How many days will it run (1 - 5)?
Please briefly describe the course that you would like to offer. Please keep in mind that the course is limited to the school day, 9:00 AM - 3:15 PM and will run Monday through Friday for one week.