Seventh Grade History & Geography

Welcome to an enlightening voyage through the annals of world history and geography in our 7th grade course, rooted in the rich heritage of our Christian faith. This captivating journey begins with the birth of Jesus Christ and unfolds through centuries of human endeavors, traversing continents and cultures until the 1820s AD. As we explore the tapestry of civilizations, empires, and global interactions, this course isn’t merely a chronological study; it’s a path toward spiritual enlightenment and a deeper connection to our faith. Through a comprehensive examination of historical events, cultural exchanges, and geographical landscapes, students will not only uncover the diverse narratives of the past but also discover how faith, spirituality, and the teachings of Jesus Christ have woven their thread into the fabric of human history.

Through an integrative approach, this course aims not only to impart historical knowledge but also to nurture spiritual growth. As we journey through the rise and fall of empires, the discovery of new lands, and the cultural exchanges that shaped our world, students will be encouraged to reflect on the impact of faith, morality, and Christian values on historical developments. By understanding the connections between historical events and the teachings of Jesus Christ, students will cultivate a deeper understanding of their faith, strengthening their spiritual foundation and fostering a profound connection to the timeless wisdom and teachings encapsulated in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Course Details

Seventh Grade History & Geography

Unit Descriptions

• Early Christian Era: Spread of Christianity and Roman Influence
• Medieval Europe: Feudalism, Crusades, and Renaissance
• Age of Exploration: New Worlds and Global Encounters
• Reformation and Religious Wars
• Imperialism and Global Expansion
• Age of Revival: Reform Movements and Industrial Revolution

Skills Description

• Critical Thinking: Analyzing historical events, geographical landscapes, and their interconnections through a Christian lens.

• Research Skills: Exploring primary and secondary sources to comprehend historical contexts and geographical influences.

• Writing Proficiency: Crafting narratives, essays, and reflections that integrate historical knowledge with Christian principles.

• Cultural Understanding: Embracing diverse cultures, religions, and civilizations while evaluating their impact on global history.

• Geographical Literacy: Understanding the geographical factors influencing historical events and civilizations.

• Faith-Based Reflection: Reflecting on the role of faith, morality, and Christian teachings in historical developments.

• Effective Communication: Presenting ideas, insights, and reflections coherently through discussions and presentations.


Mr. Paul Farrell

Paul received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University Idaho, where he studied social studies education with an emphasis in U.S. history. He has previously taught AP Human Geography for IDEA Kyle College Prep, in Kyle, Texas. Teaching social studies is a passion.  Paul also has a love of music. He plays the acoustic guitar, violin and viola. In addition, he received classical voice training for nearly four years while in college. Paul and his wife have two daughters and a son.