Course Description

In this course, students will continue to learn the elements of design and how to observe the “Beauty of this World.” They will be introduced to additional mediums and styles of creating art images. 

Students will explore various mediums, techniques, and artistic styles, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Through hands-on projects, creative exercises, and art history studies, students will develop their artistic abilities, express individual perspectives, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the visual arts. Emphasis will be placed on creativity, craftsmanship, and critical analysis to foster artistic growth and self-expression.

Course Details

Eighth Grade Art

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Coming soon.

No texts are required for this course.

MaiLyn Millward

MaiLyn Millward having been raised in Utah by two artist parents, took to the family business. While focusing her major in sculpture, MaiLyn paused to serve a church mission in Fiji which cultivated a love of the Pacifika culture and sparked her interest in her own AAPI heritage which is reflected in her BFA exhibit. She currently works as a patina artist and plans to continue after graduation. MaiLyn loves to travel, rollerblade, make art, and cook.