Course Description

In this integrated course, students will explore a range of historical topics spanning from the Revolutionary War to World War II. They’ll delve into key events such as the Constitutional Convention, the Civil War, and the Great Depression, as well as themes like industrialization and westward migration. Through discussions, quizzes, exams, projects, and a history research paper, students will demonstrate their understanding of these topics.

Simultaneously, students will develop geography skills, including terminology and map reading fluency. They’ll study political and physical maps of the Twenty First Century world, North America, South America, Twentieth Century Europe, and Asia. Using map studies, worksheets, class activities, and a combined history/geography research paper, students will gain proficiency. Additionally, they’ll engage in geography competitions and an Ancestor Report, enhancing their understanding of global landscapes and cultures.

Course Details

Eighth Grade History & Geography

Unit 1: Founding of the Nation

  • Revolutionary War: Causes, key battles, and impact on American society.
  • Constitutional Convention: Drafting of the Constitution and establishment of the new government.

Unit 2: Early Years of the Republic

  • Growth and challenges in the early United States.
  • Expansion westward and exploration of new territories.

Unit 3: Pre-Civil War Period

  • Social, economic, and political tensions leading to the Civil War.
  • Abolitionist movement and conflicts over slavery.

Unit 4: Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Major battles and turning points of the Civil War.
  • Reconstruction era and efforts to rebuild the nation after the war.

Unit 5: Westward Migration and Industrialization

  • Impact of westward expansion on Native American populations.
  • Rise of industry, technological innovations, and urbanization.

Unit 6: World Wars and Great Depression

  • Causes and consequences of World War I.
  • Economic challenges and social changes during the Great Depression.

Unit 7: World War II

  • Causes and course of World War II, including major battles and key events.
  • Impact of the war on global politics, economies, and societies.

Unit 8: Geography Studies

  • Introduction to geography terminology and map reading skills.
  • Analysis of political and physical maps of the Twenty First Century world, North America, South America, Twentieth Century Europe, and Asia.

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No texts are required for this course.

Mrs. Tracy King

Tracy Robbins King holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both History and Spanish Education from Brigham Young University—Idaho. She has taught History, Geography, and Spanish in Virginia and Utah. She enjoys reading books such as Original Grace by Adam Miller and Ask Powerful Questions by Will Wise, both books she highly recommends. She often reads multiple books at a time. Additionally, she enjoys podcasting and traveling with her husband among God’s awe-inspiring creations. Mrs. King is excited to teach American Heritage School’s wonderful students.