Course Description

This comprehensive course covers language arts, literature, and writing skills for eighth grade students. They will learn capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph organization, along with recognizing parts of speech and enhancing writing style. Through writing exercises, word studies, and learning Latin and Greek roots, students will strengthen their language skills. Assessment will include Language Arts Notebook entries, essays, oral presentations, worksheets, and word studies.

Students will engage with a variety of literary works including novels like The Alchemist, The Hiding Place, and Inside Out and Back Again, as well as selected short stories, poetry, and an introductory study of Shakespeare. Each class will have additional reading assignments tailored to their curriculum. Assessments will involve writing essays on literature, creating original poetry and short stories, and other composition tasks.

The course also emphasizes the writing process, covering pre-writing strategies, organization, revision, and editing. Students will explore various genres of writing and analyze sample writings to identify effective techniques. Assessment includes writing a personal narrative, persuasive essay, research paper (related to History/Geography), and experimenting with original poetry and short stories.

Course Details

Eighth Grade Language & Literature

Unit 1: Language Fundamentals

  • Capitalization rules
  • Punctuation usage
  • Sentence structure and types
  • Paragraph organization

Unit 2: Parts of Speech

  • Recognizing and identifying nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections

Unit 3: Writing Style and Mechanics

  • Improving writing style through vocabulary enhancement and sentence variety
  • Spelling exercises and word studies
  • Exploring Latin and Greek roots of words

Unit 4: Literature Studies

  • Reading and analyzing novels such as The Alchemist, The Hiding Place, and Inside Out and Back Again
  • Exploring selected short stories and poetry
  • Introductory study of Shakespeare’s life and plays

Unit 5: Additional Reading Assignments

  • Tailored reading assignments for each class section, including novels like The Water is Wide, David Copperfield, A Lion and a Lamb, and excerpts from Up from Slavery and Gifted Hands

Unit 6: Writing Process

  • Pre-writing strategies and brainstorming techniques
  • Organizational strategies for effective writing
  • Revising and editing procedures for polished compositions

Unit 7: Written Communication

  • Exploring various types of written communication such as personal narratives, persuasive essays, and research papers
  • Writing in different genres and styles

Unit 8: Literary Analysis and Critique

  • Analyzing sample writings to identify characteristics of good writing
  • Incorporating effective writing techniques into personal compositions

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No texts are required for this course.

Mrs. Tracy King

Tracy Robbins King holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both History and Spanish Education from Brigham Young University—Idaho. She has taught History, Geography, and Spanish in Virginia and Utah. She enjoys reading books such as Original Grace by Adam Miller and Ask Powerful Questions by Will Wise, both books she highly recommends. She often reads multiple books at a time. Additionally, she enjoys podcasting and traveling with her husband among God’s awe-inspiring creations. Mrs. King is excited to teach American Heritage School’s wonderful students.