Course Description

A central focus at American Heritage is to educate both the heart and mind. Your first-grade student will have the support of excellent staff members with years of experience and wonderful resources to help him/her achieve academic success of the mind. However, it is just as important for each scholar to experience an education of the heart. This is why our teaching methods include questions and activities centered on what we can do to become more like Jesus Christ; to develop great personal integrity, honor, and to make better choices. We discuss ways to improve our character and self-governing practices.

Our morning daily devotionals intentionally focus on this education of the heart. The messages within these devotional topics ask the child to personally reason and relate to what is being taught: to learn better how to discern between right and wrong, and truth and error. These sacred devotionals invite the spirit to be in our classroom, as well as establish a foundation for further virtuous principles to be built upon throughout the day. Our hope is that every child at American Heritage will come to see themselves, and others, as our Savior does.

Course Details

First Grade Devotional

Christian Principle of Self-Government
Divine Identity and Purpose
Conscience is the Most Sacred of All Property
All Things Denote There is a God
A God of Order: Importance of Rules & Laws
Premortal Life: God’s Plan of Happiness
God the Creator
His Story, His Plan
Timelines: Yours, God’s
Let Your Light Shine
All About Me – Getting to Know You
Adam & Eve and the Fall
Old Testament Prophets
Good Samaritan
The Power of Language
Tower of Babel
The Teachings of the Doctrine & Covenants
Joseph Smith & Early Church History
Being Self-Governed
What is Truth?
Each is Unique & of Great Worth
Doctrine & Covenants
Joseph Smith & Early Church History
Constitution Day
Our Inspired Government System
Veteran’s Day
Stripling Warriors – War/Peace
God Prepares Us: Squanto, Sarah Hales
Scriptures as Literature
God Will Provide for Our Needs
The Nephites
Fathers: Protect, Provide, Preside
Mothers: Nurture, Support, Dedicated
Christ’s: Birth, Life, Death
Prophets Testify of Jesus Birth
Jesus = Love
Healthy Bodies
Courage & Bravery
Honor & Honesty
Restoration of the Gospel
How Do You Hear Him?
Ministering Angels
Gifts of the Holy Ghost
Liahona = Our Guides
Friend Magazine Stories
Becoming Like Christ
Forgiveness: Lost 116 Pages
Personal Revelations
Restoration of the Priesthood
Our Beloved Prophet
I am of Great Worth
Gifts of the Spirit
By Their Fruits
Missionary Work
A Good Leader…
Doing What is Right, When It’s Right
Children are Precious to God
The Comforter
A Glad Heart: Positivity
All Things are Possible with God
Do Your Best, God Will Take Care of the Rest
The Three Kingdoms of Glory
Gathering of Israel
The 2nd Coming of Christ

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Doctrine and Covenants Stories.  (ASIN:  B000F6NOVQ) + The Holy Bible and Book of Mormon
Friend magazine stories
Children’s stories; based on virtuous principles

Matthew 5:16
Doctrine & Covenants 6:36
Matthew 22:37–39
Luke 2:10–14
Doctrine and Covenants 58:27
Article of Faith 5
2 Corinthians 3:17
Doctrine and Covenants 18:10
Watts, Isaac, “Praise For Creation”
Stevenson, Robert Louis, “The Swing”
Blake, William, “The Lamb”
Choosing to BE a Christlike Person
First Grade Devotional Parts

Ms. Keysha Smith

Why do you love teaching at AHS? — Where else can a teacher help students gain a passion and love of learning and remind them of how much their Father in heaven loves them each and every day!?

Life Experience That Prepared me  to teach at AHS — When I taught early morning seminary to some pretty tired Freshman and Sophomores, I learned that in order to keep their attention, and to even keep them awake, I had to be passionate about what I was teaching them.  My love and passion for the gospel and its teachings helped them to develop their own love and passion for it. I learned the power that the spirit has to reach the heart and how important it is to be well-prepared so one can speak from the heart, look into their eyes, and make it come to life!

What is Unique About AHS? — Our heart and mind approach to education not only opens the windows of success, but it awakens the soul and reminds the students of the greatness they hold within. With God’s help and a very supportive staff, I am encouraged daily to create an atmosphere where knowledge and character development are nurtured, and the exceptional can unfold. AHS is an extraordinary place to teach and learn, but it is also a place with lots of heart-moving memories, outstanding extra-curricular programs, and incredible families.

Education — Bachelor of Arts, Family Science, Brigham Young University

Why Teaching? — I absolutely love what I do! My spirit feels at home when I am learning and teaching. I love my curriculum, what the spirit inspires me to say and do, and what the students teach me. I enjoy seeing things from their perspectives.  Teaching requires a lot of dedication and conviction, but it is worth it. I love it when we reason and relate, and there are times when the rewards are truly great.

Why AHS? — The great works of literature, history, language arts, and geography are all wonderful and valuable subjects to teach in and of themselves, but when a teacher is encouraged to reason and relate what the scriptures and prophets have said within each of these subjects it goes from being wonderful to extraordinarily awesome!