Fourth Grade Math

Mrs. Kristie Frampton

Saxon Math 54 is designed for fourth-grade students and struggling fifth-grade students. The program follows a cumulative and incremental approach, emphasizing small steps to build a solid foundation in mathematical concepts. The course comprises 141 daily lessons, with assessments conducted after every fifth lesson.

Course Details

Teaching Methodologies

• Incremental Learning: Lessons are structured to introduce new concepts 

incrementally, building on previous knowledge.

• Cumulative Approach: The curriculum ensures continuous review of previously learned material through cumulative assessments.

• Practical Application: Emphasis on real world application of mathematical 

concepts to enhance practical understanding.



• Whole number concepts and computation

• Arithmetic algorithms

• Geometry and measurement

• Elapsed time

• Fractions, decimals, and percents

• Powers and roots

• Estimation

• Patterns and sequences

• Congruency and similarity

• Statistics and probability


Class Objectives

1. Add three-digit numbers

2. Subtract numbers with re-grouping

3. Read time

4. Write numbers

5. Estimate arithmetic answers

6. Divide with two-digit answers

7. Multiply three or more factors

8. Use decimal number line


Saxon Math 54 – An Incremental Development