Course Description

Saxon Math 5/4 is a math program for fourth graders and struggling fifth graders. It’s based on the idea that students should learn math concepts in small steps, with each lesson building on the previous one. The program consists of 140 daily lessons. Students are tested after every fifth lesson, and all tests are cumulative.

Course Details

Fourth Grade Math


Lesson 1 Review of Addition • Missing Addends, Part 1
Lesson 2 Missing Addends, Part 2
Lesson 3 Sequences
Lesson 4 Digits
Lesson 5 Place Value
Lesson 6 Ordinal Numbers • Months of the Year
Lesson 7 Review of Subtraction • Fact Families
Lesson 8 Writing Numbers Through 999
Lesson 9 Adding Money
Lesson 10 Adding with Regrouping
Lesson 11 Even Numbers • Odd Numbers
Lesson 12 “Some and Some More” Problems, Part 1
Lesson 13 Number Lines
Lesson 14 Missing Numbers in Subtraction
Lesson 15 Comparing Numbers
Lesson 16 Adding Three-Digit Numbers
Lesson 17 “Some and Some More” Problems, Part 2
Lesson 18 Subtracting Without Regrouping • Missing Two-Digit Addends
Lesson 19 Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
Lesson 20 Expanded Form • More on Missing Numbers in Subtraction
Lesson 21 Adding Columns of Numbers
Lesson 22 Reading Scales
Lesson 23 Reading Time from a Clock
Lesson 24 Reading a Centimeter Scale
Lesson 25 Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, and Circles
Lesson 26 Rounding Whole Numbers to the Nearest Ten
Lesson 27 Metric Units of Length
Lesson 28 Naming Fractions • Adding Dollars and Cents
Lesson 29 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines • Right Angles
Lesson 30 More About Missing Addends
Lesson 31 “Some Went Away” Word Problems
Lesson 32 Drawing Pictures of Fractions
Lesson 33 Multiplication as Repeated Addition • Elapsed Time
Lesson 34 The Multiplication Table
Lesson 35 Multiplication Facts (0, 1, 2, 5)
Lesson 36 Multiplication Patterns
Lesson 37 Subtraction Three-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
Lesson 38 “Larger-Smaller-Difference” Word Problems
Lesson 39 Multiplication Facts (Squares)
Lesson 40 Squares and Square Roots
Lesson 41 Multiplication Facts (9’s)
Lesson 42 Writing Numbers Through 999,999: Part 1
Lesson 43 Writing Numbers Through 999,999: Part 2
Lesson 44 Naming Mixed Numbers
Lesson 45 Two Forms of Money
Lesson 46 Reading Fractions and Mixes Numbers form a Number Line
Lesson 47 Multiplication Facts (Memory Group)
Lesson 48 Reading an Inch Scale to the Nearest Fourth
Lesson 49 U.S. Units of Length
Lesson 50 Lined and Segments • Missing Factors
Lesson 51 Subtracting Across Zero
Lesson 52 Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Hundred • Multiplying by Multiples of 10 and 100
Lesson 53 More Adding and Subtraction Money
Lesson 54 Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers, Part 1
Lesson 55 Parentheses
Lesson 56 Division
Lesson 57 Other Ways to Show Division
Lesson 58 Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers, Part 2
Lesson 59 “Equal Groups” Problems, Part 1
Lesson 60 Perimeter
Lesson 61 Adding Numbers with More Than Three Digits • Checking One-Digit Division
Lesson 62 Subtracting Numbers with More Than Three Digits • “Equal Groups” Problems, Part 2
Lesson 63 One-Digit Division with a Remainder
Lesson 64 Years, Decades, Centuries
Lesson 65 Multiples • Percent
Lesson 66 Using Pictures to Compare Fractions
Lesson 67 Rate Word Problems
Lesson 68 Multiplying Three-Digit Numbers
Lesson 69 Two-Step Equations
Lesson 70 Estimating Arithmetic Answers • More About Rate
Lesson 71 Remaining Fraction
Lesson 72 Multiplying Three Factors • Exponents
Lesson 73 Polygons
Lesson 74 Division with Two-Digit Answers, Part 1
Lesson 75 Division with Two-Digit Answers, Part 2
Lesson 76 Area, Part 1
Lesson 77 Multiplying by Multiples of 10
Lesson 78 Division with Two-Digit Answers and a Remainder
Lesson 79 Millimeters
Lesson 80 “Fraction-of-a-Group” Problems, Part 1
Lesson 81 Division Answers Ending with Zero
Lesson 82 Finding Information to Solve Problems
Lesson 83 Measuring Liquids
Lesson 84 Fraction of a Set
Lesson 85 Pictographs and Bar Graphs • Tallying
Lesson 86 Division with Three-Digit Answers
Lesson 87 Ounces, Pounds, and Tons
Lesson 88 Grams and Kilograms
Lesson 89 Tables
Lesson 90 Division with Zeros in Three-Digit Answers
Lesson 91 Rounding to the Nearest Thousand
Lesson 92 Line Graphs
Lesson 93 Sales Tax • Change Back
Lesson 94 Area, Part 2
Lesson 95 Multiplying by Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands
Lesson 96 Multiplying Round Numbers Mental


Saxon Math 54 Second Edition (ISBN # ‎978-1565770331)

Mrs. Lakyn Lee

Lakyn Lee was born in Durban, South Africa. She immigrated with her family to the United States as a young girl. She graduated from American Heritage School (American Fork Campus) and served her mission in the Cusco, Peru Mission. She has a love for the Spanish language and the people of Peru. After her mission she once again, through ‘divine signatures’, connected with her American Heritage high school Physics partner, Cameron Lee. They married in the Payson, Utah Temple and have a beautiful happy one-year-old son, Alvin. Lakyn is trained in many areas, including elementary teaching, ASL, special needs, Spanish, and Spalding. She taught Spanish at American Heritage School (American Fork Campus), and third grade in a public charter school. She has an innate love for children and delights in seeing them succeed in all aspects of their lives. She has a natural gift for teaching with a deep love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. She is excited to once again return to American Heritage to share her love of learning with her students. She is honored to be a part of the American Heritage School Salt Lake Campus.