New Girls Uniform Q&A

Q1: What is the change?

Girls at AHS campuses will have the option of wearing a pant to facilitate warmth, comfort, and functionality. The new option will afford flexibility from day to day and season to season.

Q2: When does this option go into effect?

This change goes into effect Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Q3: Who is affected?

This change affects K–12 girls at the AHS campuses in American Fork and Salt Lake City.

Q4: What is happening to the skirt, skort, and shift?

All existing uniform options remain approved. No items are being removed from girl options. Select pants are now added. Girls may alternate between pants and the other uniform articles, as desired.

Q5: May a student wear any pant?

No. As with pants for boys, girls wishing to wear pants must purchase approved colors (only gray for Grades 6–12; only khaki for Grades K–5), from approved suppliers (currently only Lands’ End), and approved SKU numbers (see Q8 below), as determined by the Uniform Committee.

As a reminder, all pants should fit appropriately (neither tight nor baggy). Pants should be conservative in style, professional in appearance, and properly hemmed without a cuff (neither tucked, rolled, cropped or excessively long).

Q6: Does the pant option apply to all days of the week?

Yes. The chosen pant options are acceptable for both the Monday–Thursday uniform as well as the more formal Friday uniform.  Polo shirts may be worn with the approved pants Monday–Thursday.  Uniform Policy Reminder: Shirts must be tucked in at all times during school hours except during recess and when participating in outside athletic activities.

Friday Uniform additional information: New for grades K–3, when choosing to wear khaki pants on Fridays, due to the sheerness of the required Peter Pan collar shirt, you will also be required to wear a navy Dennis cardigan or sweater vest.  Grades 4–5 will still be required to wear the Peter Pan collar shirt and Dennis sweater vest.  Grades 6–8 will still be required to wear the white oxford, Dennis sweater vest, and red cross-over tie.  Grades 9–12 will still be required to wear the white oxford, Dennis blazer, and Albury cross-over tie.

Q7: Is there an opportunity to provide input and feedback?

Yes, the Uniform Committee welcomes feedback. Specifically, the Uniform Committee is seeking to expand color options. As more colors are vetted, the Uniform Committee will expand permissible colors, at least for older students. While female students will be surveyed at school, anyone may submit feedback or questions by clicking here at any time. With this announcement, the Uniform Committee has determined to initially provide a khaki pant option for K–5 and an arctic grey pant option for 6–12.

Q8: What are the color, supplier, and SKU specifications for the pants that have been approved thus far?

You can click the links below to be taken to the respective order page for each approved pant option.

Elementary (K-5) Land’s End, khaki only, 528377BR1
Land’s End, khaki only, 528965BR5
Click here for order page
Click here for order page

Middle (6-8) and High (9-12) Lands’ End, arctic gray only, 461725AF7
Lands’ End, arctic gray only, 403664BR2
Lands’ End, arctic gray only, 458405BR3
Click here for order page
Click here for order page
Click here for order page

Q9: What if I don’t like any of the pant options?

Female students may forego the new pant options and continue wearing skirts, skorts, and shifts, as they prefer.

Q10: Are girls required to wear belts?

No. Girls are not be required to wear belts.  If they choose to wear a belt, it must be conservative in appearance and style (black or gray are preferred, but not required).

Q11: What if this FAQ list didn’t answer my question(s)?

Anyone may submit feedback or questions by clicking here at any time.