Course Description

In this course, students will create the school’s newscast, developing skills in video recording, editing, copywriting, and on-camera presentation. The class will focus on producing engaging content that reports on events happening at the school, including sports, clubs, performances, and other newsworthy stories. Students will learn the essentials of videography, such as camera operation, lighting, and audio. They will also gain experience in video editing software to create polished segments for the newscast.

Throughout the course, students will take on various roles, including reporters, camera operators, editors, and anchors. They will conduct interviews with students and faculty, learning effective interviewing techniques and building communication skills. The course also covers the use of a teleprompter, scriptwriting, and storyboarding to help students create professional-quality broadcasts.

Students will work collaboratively to plan and produce regular newscasts, honing their teamwork and project management skills. By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the newscast production process and be able to create dynamic video content for a school-wide audience. This course is ideal for students interested in journalism, broadcasting, or media production.

Course Details

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Ninth Grade
Tenth Grade Eleventh Grade Twelfth Grade

Course Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of videography, including camera operation, lighting, and audio.
  • Develop skills in video editing software to create professional-quality newscasts.
  • Understand the roles involved in newscast production, such as reporters, camera operators, editors, and anchors.
  • Gain experience in interviewing techniques and on-camera presentation.
  • Learn to use a teleprompter, scriptwriting, and storyboarding for effective newscast production.
  • Build teamwork and project management skills through collaborative newscast production.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Newscast Production

  • Overview of Newscast Production
    • Understanding the purpose and structure of a newscast.
    • Introducing the various roles involved in newscast production.
  • Videography Basics
    • Camera operation, lighting, and audio essentials.
    • Practice with different camera angles and shots.

Unit 2: Video Editing and Copywriting

  • Video Editing Techniques
    • Introduction to video editing software.
    • Basic editing skills: trimming, transitions, and adding effects.
  • Copywriting and Scriptwriting
    • Crafting scripts for newscast segments.
    • Writing engaging copy for news stories.

Unit 3: On-Camera Presentation and Teleprompter Use

  • On-Camera Presentation Skills
    • Developing confidence and presence on camera.
    • Practicing vocal delivery and body language.
  • Using a Teleprompter
    • Introduction to teleprompter operation.
    • Techniques for reading scripts naturally on camera.

Unit 4: Interviewing and Storyboarding

  • Interviewing Techniques
    • Effective communication and question formulation.
    • Conducting interviews with students and faculty.
  • Storyboarding and Planning
    • Creating storyboards to outline newscast segments.
    • Planning the sequence and flow of the newscast.

Unit 5: Newscast Production and Collaboration

  • Producing the Newscast
    • Collaborative planning and production of a newscast.
    • Assigning roles and managing project timelines.
  • Review and Feedback
    • Reviewing the completed newscast and gathering feedback.
    • Identifying areas for improvement in production and presentation.

Unit 6: Advanced Videography and Editing

  • Advanced Videography Techniques
    • Experimenting with advanced camera techniques and equipment.
    • Exploring different lighting and audio setups.
  • Advanced Video Editing
    • Adding advanced effects and transitions in editing software.
    • Creating graphics and lower thirds for the newscast.

Unit 7: Final Newscast Production and Course Reflection

  • Final Newscast Planning
    • Planning and storyboarding the final newscast.
    • Assigning roles and setting deadlines for production.
  • Final Newscast Production
    • Producing the final newscast and incorporating feedback.
    • Presenting the final newscast to a school-wide audience.
  • Course Review and Reflection
    • Reviewing key concepts and outcomes from the course.
    • Reflection on personal growth and skill development in newscast production.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of newscast production, from videography and editing to on-camera presentation and scriptwriting. They will have developed teamwork and communication skills through collaborative newscast production and will be able to create engaging video content for a school-wide audience. This course aims to prepare students for potential careers in journalism, broadcasting, or media production, fostering creativity and technical skills.

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Mr. Ricardo Costa

Ricardo holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah State University, and his varied background includes financial planning, taxes, graphic design, filmmaking, and acting. His experience in producing videos and films complements his marketing knowledge, enabling him to create compelling content with a focus on education. 

He has served as one of the High School and Middle School Mock Trial coaches at American Heritage School for the past two years, guiding students in public speaking, argumentation, and courtroom procedures. With his background in acting and video production, Ricardo infuses his coaching with energy and creativity, using multimedia tools and theatrical techniques to engage students.