American Heritage School recommends the following titles for reading, including picture books, fiction and non-fiction chapter books, short stories, and poems. These titles engage reading skills, ignite the imagination, and illustrate good character. You may share these lists freely with family and friends:

These titles can be borrowed from public or school libraries, purchased in local bookstores, or downloaded from online booksellers. Some titles (pre-1923) are available for free download from Project Gutenberg.

To help your child grow as a reader, ask your child to read for 20 minutes or more per day. Reading aloud will strengthen your child’s reading fluency and comprehension and can increase your child’s confidence in subjects that require much reading.

Read with your child and let your child to see you reading. Enjoy conversations about what you read. Relate what you are reading to your family, faith, and community.

The Tech-Wise Family teaches families why and how to set limits on technology use at home. 

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures helps parents and children respond to pornography.


The Family School Online is an online library that provides content for learning K–8 History, Geography, Literature, Science, Music, Art, and other specialty courses. There are thousands of lessons in this searchable library. 

Sheppard Software offers games for learning about geography, art, science, math, and language arts.

Common Sense Media provides helpful reviews about books and movies to help parents guide their children’s use of media.

ACT Preparation resources from the College Board can help you increase your ACT score by 1–3 points. These resources are free.

Calcworkshop.com provides well-explained math lessons in video format from middle school to advanced calculus.