Course Description

Students will be introduced to and learn about the rich stories, characters, and lessons found in the Old Testament of the Bible through an understanding of the restoration of the gospel. Students will develop a foundational understanding of key Old Testament concepts with activities, storytelling, discussions, and memorization.

Course Details

Second Grade Devotional


 Identify that the Old Testament is part of the Bible and contains stories about people, events, and gospel teachings.

Recognize and retell key stories from the Creation down to Jonah and the Whale.

Understand that Jehovah is the God of the Old Testament and He watches over and protects His people.

Students will apply moral lessons from the Old Testament to their lives.

Show understanding through artwork and simple written expressions.

Memorize “Creation Poem” and the 23 Psalm. 

Learn songs related to the Old Testament

Present a devotional about the Old Testament.

None required.  It is recommended that parents buy a set of Spalding phonograms.

Mrs. Sara Fenn

Sara Fenn has a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Brigham Young University. After raising her six children, she went back to school and got a master’s degree in education from the University of Utah and taught second, fourth and sixth grades. Sara left teaching when her husband, Jerry, was called to preside over the Illinois Chicago Mission and then the Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission. Sara is excited to be teaching second grade students where she can share her testimony as well as academic principles. Sara enjoys spending time with her 19 grandchildren, cooking, quilting and traveling. She is thrilled to be part of the American Heritage School team.