Course Description

In Sixth & Seventh Grade Music, students embark on an exciting journey into the world of music through vocal exploration and performance. This course is designed to cultivate a love for music, develop vocal skills, foster teamwork, and enhance musical understanding. Through a comprehensive curriculum integrating Kodály elements such as solfege and rhythm syllables, performance opportunities, sight singing, and engaging music games, students will deepen their appreciation for music and develop their musicianship.

Course Details

Sixth & Seventh Grade Music

Students will demonstrate their mastery of the curriculum through the following tasks: 

  1. In-tune, healthy singing. 
  1. Sight-singing performance. 
  1. Rhythm performance. 
  1. Written music theory assignments. 

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Katie Francom

Katy Francom graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Master of Music Education. Prior to this she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. She has completed three levels of Kodály certification through Intermuse Academy at BYU. In addition to three years of teaching elementary music in Loveland, Colorado, she has 25 years of experience teaching private piano and voice lessons, and she has been the director of seven ward choirs! Katy has four amazing grown children and a wonderful extended family. She loves to read, garden, hike, and sing at the piano.