Course Description

In this course, students will learn understanding that they are part of the Divine Design. They will learn the elements of design and how to observe the “Beauty of this World.” They are introduced to many mediums and styles of creating art images, a variety of artistic techniques and mediums, fostering creativity and self-expression. Students will explore fundamental art concepts such as color theory, composition, and perspective through projects that involve drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media.

The course encourages experimentation and personal style development, with assignments designed to build skills and inspire imagination. Students will learn about famous artists and art movements, gaining an understanding of art history and cultural influences. Throughout the course, students will participate in class critiques to improve their work and share ideas with peers.

Course Details

Grade Art

Course Objectives

  • Understand basic art concepts such as color theory, composition, and perspective.
  • Experiment with various artistic techniques and mediums.
  • Develop a personal style and artistic expression through creative projects.
  • Learn about art history and famous artists for inspiration.
  • Improve through class critiques and peer feedback.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Art

  • Exploring Different Art Forms
    • Overview of various art forms (drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media).
    • Discussing the importance of creativity and self-expression in art.
  • Art Tools and Materials
    • Learning about common art tools and materials.
    • Practicing basic techniques with pencils, pens, and paint.

Unit 2: Basic Art Concepts

  • Color Theory
    • Understanding primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
    • Exploring color relationships and creating a color wheel.
  • Composition and Design
    • Learning about the principles of composition (balance, contrast, harmony).
    • Creating simple compositions and experimenting with different layouts.

Unit 3: Drawing Techniques

  • Line and Shape
    • Exploring different types of lines and shapes.
    • Creating simple drawings using various line techniques.
  • Shading and Texture
    • Understanding shading and texture in drawing.
    • Practicing with shading techniques to create depth and texture.

Unit 4: Painting and Mixed Media

  • Introduction to Painting
    • Learning basic painting techniques (brushwork, blending, layering).
    • Experimenting with watercolors and acrylics.
  • Mixed Media and Collage
    • Exploring mixed media art and collage techniques.
    • Creating artworks that combine different materials and textures.

Unit 5: Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Art

  • Basics of Sculpture
    • Learning about different sculpting techniques (clay, papier-mâché, wire).
    • Creating simple sculptures and exploring three-dimensional art.
  • Building Structures
    • Understanding the principles of structure and stability in art.
    • Creating small art installations or three-dimensional projects.

Unit 6: Art History and Famous Artists

  • Art History Overview
    • Introducing major art movements and styles (Renaissance, Impressionism, Modernism).
    • Learning about influential artists and their contributions.
  • Learning from Famous Artists
    • Studying the works of famous artists for inspiration.
    • Creating artworks inspired by famous pieces or art movements.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of basic art concepts and a diverse portfolio of artworks. They will have developed creativity, artistic expression, and the ability to give and receive constructive feedback. This course aims to foster a love for art and prepare students for further studies in visual arts.

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No texts are required for this course.

MaiLyn Millward

MaiLyn Millward having been raised in Utah by two artist parents, took to the family business. While focusing her major in sculpture, MaiLyn paused to serve a church mission in Fiji which cultivated a love of the Pacifika culture and sparked her interest in her own AAPI heritage which is reflected in her BFA exhibit. She currently works as a patina artist and plans to continue after graduation. MaiLyn loves to travel, rollerblade, make art, and cook.