Course Description

This high school course offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while studying foundational concepts in communication.

This course explores effective methods, principles, and strategies of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, emphasizing communication behaviors and attitudes based on students’ personal perceptions and critical reflection. Students’ small-group interaction and experiences will examine individual values, strengths, and gifts, building their confidence and empowering actions. By assessing their emotional intelligence, students will facilitate building stronger relationships and developing effective conflict-resolution strategies in personal and professional relationships.

Course Details

CE Communications

 Eleventh Grade Twelfth Grade

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Ms. Micole Mayfield

Micole graduated with a Bachelors in Communication: Public Relations from Brigham Young University. Ms. Mayfield is thrilled to be teaching at the new AHS campus in Salt Lake City. As someone who has seen how Drama can positively affect every aspect of someone’s life, she is excited to share her passion with her students. Micole has been performing and working in theater for over 15 years. She has seen how drama engages students with literature in a way that simply reading printed words cannot. When we use drama skills to study literature and history, we help students to engage interactively with the past, to re-enact and explore historically significant moments, situations and events, and meet historical characters.