News Writing & Editing

Welcome to the class where the power of the written word comes to life! In News Writing and Editing, you will embark on a dynamic exploration of the art of journalistic expression. This course not only sharpens written communication skills but also empowers you to articulate your beliefs effectively.

As a class, we will participate in the creation of the school magazine, yearbook, and class marketing campaigns, creating narratives that resonate and inspire.
In this class, you will:

• Hone your ability to express ideas clearly and persuasively.
• Craft compelling narratives that engage and inform your audience.
• Learn the foundations of ethical journalism.
• Understand the role of media in shaping public opinion.
• Navigate through the principles of accuracy, fairness, and objectivity.
• Empower yourself to express your beliefs effectively.
• Develop the art of opinion writing and persuasive communication.

To join our class all you need is an interest in writing, storytelling, and a curiosity about the world.

No prior journalism experience is required—just a passion for words and a desire to communicate effectively.

New Writing & Editing


The course includes 16 units:

Term 1: The Power of the Written Word
Unit 1: The Power of Words
Unit 2 Anatomy of a Newspaper
Unit 3: Welcome to Editopia: Editing for Dummies
Unit 4: Mastering the Art of Curiosity and Query

Term 2: Choose the Write
Unit 5: Editopia: Return of the Syntax
Unit 6: Writer’s Charisma: Know Your Audience
Unit 7: Hooked on Words: Let’s Go Fishing
Unit 8: Unveiling Scribbling Secrets: Magazine Writing 101

Term 3: Crafting Conviction
Unit 9: The Grand Finale: Bringing it Home
Unit 10: Editopia- Mastering the Art of Word Wizardry
Unit 11: Is a Picture Really Worth 1,000 Words?
Unit 12: Techniques to Persuade, Propel, and Ponder!

Term 4: Unleash the Power of Your Pen
Unit 13: A Digital Odyssey in Writing
Unit 14: EditPolooza: The Power of Polishing
Unit 15: From Pen to Product: Writing Beyond the Page
Unit 16: Thinking to the Future


Ms. Micole Mayfield

Micole graduated with a Bachelors in Communication: Public Relations from Brigham Young University. Ms. Mayfield is thrilled to be teaching at the new AHS campus in Salt Lake City. As someone who has seen how Drama can positively affect every aspect of someone’s life, she is excited to share her passion with her students. Micole has been performing and working in theater for over 15 years. She has seen how drama engages students with literature in a way that simply reading printed words cannot. When we use drama skills to study literature and history, we help students to engage interactively with the past, to re-enact and explore historically significant moments, situations and events, and meet historical characters.