Dear Parents,

On 2/7 (T) and 2/9 (Th) from 3:30–6:30 PM, please come to the SLC Campus for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Sign-up below to reserve conference times. For your convenience, print a blank schedule to note your appointments.

K—Chris Moray
1—Greg Guggisberg
2—Sara Fenn
3—Lakyn Lee
4—Kristie Mathews
5—Jared Cornell
6—Mary Gilmore
7—Tracy King
8—Tracy King
9—Caroline McNiven
K–9 Science—Matt Robins
K–9 Art—Laura Lee Bradshaw
1–9 Mandarin—Yung Wei Wang
7–9 Math & Robotics—Jakob Withyr
K–9 Music—Katy Francom
K–9 PE—Thiago Lopes
2–9 History & Literature Through Performance—Micole Mayfield
Seminary—Daniel DeJesus
1–9 Spanish—Mauri Richmond
Principal—Leland Anderson